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Digital CX Solutions for
Banking & Financial Services

​Assist with new account creation, website navigation, contract signing, and more. One-click simple video chat and screensharing make it easier to connect with account holders.

  • Help customers navigate your website, app, & third-party documents

  • Reduce abandonment of online forms & applications

  • Enable concierge-level service for VIP accounts

  • Provide the "in person" service of the bank lobby to your digital presence

  • Connect investors with financial experts face to face


Digital CX Solutions for
Insurance Providers

Guide users through policy onboarding, document signing, & claims processes. Providing concierge-style support for policyholders increases new account sign-ups and reduces customer churn.

  • Provide real-time guidance through the claims process

  • Improve completion rates of quotes & applications

  • Treat customers with a human touch; not just another number

  • Boost customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores

  • Let agents remotely see & document damaged assets or accident scenes

Banking & Financial Services

Digital CX Solutions for
Contact Centers

Enhance live support in contact centers with human-centric customer experience, offering a seamless blend of download-free communication channels that streamline operations & improve CSAT.

  • Solve issues fast by letting agents visually guide users through resolution

  • Create more human interactions that go beyond traditional customer service

  • Efficiently address issues that require visual inspection & troubleshooting

  • Ensure consistent & unified experiences across multiple channels

  • Solve issues & close support tickets faster with lower handle times

Contact Centers

Digital CX Solutions for
Retail & eCommerce

​Assist with new account creation, website navigation, contract signing, and more. One-click simple video chat and screensharing make it easier to connect with account holders.

  • Sell through your people--not chatbots and phone trees

  • Prevent unnecessary returns & accelerate RMAs

  • Create in-person selling opportunities that convert faster

  • Offer expert product support on product detail pages & categories

  • Open a brand new sales channel with inbound video chat

Retail & eCommerce

Digital CX Solutions for
Healthcare & Medical Devices

Provide easy in-home health checks, guidance with medical devices, & real time instructions for injectables or medication. Digital CX makes telehealth easier for any patient population, regardless of age, location, or tech literacy.

  • Launch telehealth appointments over video chat with just one click

  • Provide real-time onscreen guidance for medical devices & injectables

  • Personalize remote healthcare to individual patients

  • Create the trust of "in person" visits on any desktop or mobile device

  • Guide patients through complex documents like medical forms & billing


Digital CX Solutions for
Telecomm & IT Service

Personalize support, facilitate troubleshooting, reduce downtime, & enhance overall service delivery. Visually-based CX impacts every step of the customer lifecycle, from pre-sales support to resolving issues with hardware in the field.

  • Let technical teams share expertise remotely to expedite ticket resolution

  • Troubleshoot & guide customers through software or hardware challenges

  • Visually diagnose & address issues, reducing unnecessary truck rolls

  • Reduce the complexity of IT-related projects & processes

  • Guide users in real time through account creation & onboarding

Telecomm & IT

Digital CX Solutions for
Food & Beverage

Empower field service technicians to share their expertise globally. Visually inspect & troubleshoot issues with equipment in the field, giving your team a chance to resolve the issue before rolling a work truck!​

  • Reduce unnecessary truck rolls & repeat visits to the same site

  • Solve issues faster, on the first call, to reduce service downtime

  • Screenshot damaged equipment in the field for warranties & repairs

  • Save big on travel expenses, fuel, & labor

  • Cut fossil fuel emissions for greener field service operations

Food & Beverage

Digital CX Solutions for

Launch your team's technical expertise worldwide by connected OEMs, dealerships, & customers with one-click simple audio-video tools. Digital CX makes it easier to "see under the hood," no matter where the hood is!

  • Remotely inspect, troubleshoot, & diagnose parts

  • Assist dealerships worldwide with advanced service issues

  • Screenshot & document damages for warranties & repairs

  • Offer virtual showroom experiences with one-click video interactions

  • Provide interactive sessions for scheduling, reducing customer friction


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