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Take the Lead in Contact Center Services with Inbound Video

Take the lead in Contact Center as a Service with a technological edge--our CRM-friendly cobrowse, video chat, & inbound call queuing arms your call center with the next generation of live customer support.

Inbound Video Chat, Cobrowse, & Screenshare for CCaaS

Cobrowse, video chat, & context-driven video call queuing through secure, no download CRM tools means your contact center team is delivering the maximum technological advantages possible to secure their spot at the front of the pack. Wow customers. Boost satisfaction. And solve more customer problems on the very first call.

Resolve Issues Fast

Supercharge Reviews

Offer a Personal Touch

Video Call

No Download, No Sign In Needed

No downloads. No sign-ups. Just text, touch, & connect face-to-face anywhere in the world through any device. Support reps & customers can chat through easy prompt in your app, website, or text chat.

Cobrowse with Built-In Redaction

Cobrowse or screenshare with customers while keeping their personal data private. Realtime cobrowse software can hide any onscreen element from your agents' views, so items like social security numbers or account numbers are never visible, whether live or in recording.

Built in Redaction
Redact any data onscreen

Stop Asking For Info You Know

Set your team up for success by providing context to the video call they're about to take. Request Live can read page URLs, language or location settings, or user data so customers feel like sales reps already know what they need.

Designed, Hosted, & Supported in the US

We have global reach using the latest cloud technology, but our roots are in the United States. With US patents, our product is and always has been 100% American made. We do not offshore or outsource engineering or operations. The security of your data is paramount to us.

Designed in the USA
Live Chat on your website

Security-Driven Video Chat

Built with privacy & security in mind, video support is launched from your website or app. We ensure video chat sessions stay private & routinely surpass the security standards of some of the toughest industries!

Prove that you're serious about solving customer problems by arming service reps with advanced support technology.

Recursive Labs Suite: Cobrowsing, Video Chat, Cam Share, & More

Visual customer engagement for call centers

The Recursive Labs product suite is a comprehensive Next Generation Customer Engagement platform that transforms visitors into customers, and customers into brand advocates.


Cobrowse & screenshare with customers on any device. Our Realtime cobrowsing & screenshare solution lets you see what your customer sees & navigate through tricky forms through onscreen guidance.

Relate & Relate SMS

Video chat with customers through any device without ever asking them to download an app, create an account, or sign in. With Relate SMS, you can invite video chats via text message & view anything that your customer's rear-facing or front-facing mobile camera can view.

Request Live

Convergent inbound video calling that uses onscreen elements to provide context to calls before your agent answers them. Queue calls, sort and filter by what you know about the caller, and integrate cobrowsing for a one of a kind Next Generation Customer Engagement experience.


Record cobrowse and video call sessions for training, compliance, and liability. Sensitive data that you redacted in the session will stay redacted in the recording! No data storage required. We'll backup the session on AWS & provide a secure link to an MP4 file of the recording. CRM required!

mobile SDK

Mobile App Ready

Want to add Realtime cobrowsing to your mobile app? Our Mobile SDK makes it easy to deploy our services & configure them to fit the unique demands of your application environment. Schedule a call to learn more!

Contact Center Customer Engagement Tools with CRM Integration

Our download-free visual customer engagment software was built for contact-center-as-a-service teams that utilize major CRMs & VCC platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon Connect, & Five9. Our solutions can also be launched completely standalone, with no CRM needed.

Integrate Salesforce with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Zendesk with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Amazon with cobrowse & screeshare
Integrate Five9 with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Microsoft with cobrowse & screenshare
Call Center visual customer engagement

Your customers demand convenient, responsive service. Our no download, secure engagement tools amplify your team's strengths.

Empower Support Reps with Data, Flexibility, & Video

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