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Leaders in Visual Customer Engagement

Revolutionize your Sales Enablement with Cobrowsing and Video Chat

See how simple, fast, & effective visual customer experience (CX) tools like cobrowse & inbound video chat can be when used to generate revenue & close more sales.

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Visual Engagement IS Sales Enablement

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses must adapt quickly to remain competitive. Visual customer engagement tools like cobrowsing and video chat have become highly effective sales enablement tools that can help businesses deliver personalized and interactive shopping experiences to their customers.
Let's take a closer look at how these tools can benefit your business.

Sales Enablement Benefits of Cobrowsing

  • Allows sales representatives to navigate a customer's web browser in real-time, providing a personalized customer experience that can build trust and loyalty

  • Enables sales representatives to demonstrate products or services more effectively, resulting in higher sales conversions

  • Enhances the customer experience, increasing satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately driving revenue growth

  • Can quickly generate positive ROI for brands

Sales Enablement Benefits of Video Chat

  • Enables face-to-face interactions between a sales representative and a customer, allowing for deeper relationships to be built and a better understanding of customer needs and preferences

  • Offers customers a real-time visual experience, allowing businesses to demonstrate their products or services more effectively, resulting in higher sales conversions

  • Enhances the customer loyalty, creating human connections between customers and brands that reduce churn & increase customer lifetime value

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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses must adapt quickly to stay competitive. Cobrowsing and video chat are highly effective sales enablement tools that can help your business thrive.


By investing in these tools, you can offer personalized customer experiences, build deeper relationships with customers, and ultimately, drive revenue growth.

Visual Sales Enablement that Integrates With Your CRM

Recursive Labs unified Visual Customer Engagement software was built for enterprise sales teams that utilize major CRM platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon Connect, & Five9. We also scale down to businesses of any size! Run your own CRM? No problem. We can provide our Open API so you can build custom connectors.

Integrate Salesforce with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Zendesk with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Amazon with cobrowse & screeshare
Integrate Five9 with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Microsoft with cobrowse & screenshare

Recursive Labs is an industry leader in next generation visual customer engagement software in the form of secure no-download cobrowse, screenshare, video chat, & mobile camera CRM software. We help companies connect customers & support teams seamlessly through no-download visual engagement tools that integrate with major CRMs.

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