Recursive Labs Relate SMS

Text & Go Mobile Camera Sharing

Send a text, click a button, & instantly video chat with the ability to see through your client's mobile device.

Benefits of Cobrowsing

No Downloads, No Apps

Works with Any Mobile Device

Swap Front & Rear Cams

Text, Click, & Connect

Complicated Problem Resolution is Clogging Your System

Mobile camera sharing through SMS lets you see what your client is seeing in the real world, no matter where your home team works. Stop wasting time & labor trying to communicate complicated issues through text, email, & photos. Just text, click, & connect to video chat through any mobile device & see what your client's cam sees.


80% of US consumers very highly rate getting in touch with a live person as a factor when filing a complaint. (Tidio)

52% of field service companies still do most work manually, e.g., pencils, paper, & calendars. (Field Technologies Online)



89% of customers expect to see modern, on-demand technology when scheduling service calls & solving issues. (Finances Online)

Relate SMS mobile camera share & video chat is a Next Generation Customer Engagement tool that lets agents, technicians, & customers connect face to face through any device. No sign-ups or downloads. One text message lets you video chat with customers, switch between rear & front-facing cams, & see what they see in the real world.

How Does Relate SMS Mobile Camera Sharing Software Work?

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Send a Text

Send users a one-time SMS message with a link to your cam session. They just have to click & allow permissions.

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Connect & Chat

Chat face to face with customers in a no download video streaming experience with no sign-up or account required.

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Point Your Cam

Swap between mobile cams, screenshot in real time, annotate images, & see exactly what clients see through your lens.

Mobile Camera Sharing that Integrates With Your CRM

Relate SMS mobile cam sharing software was built for enterprise contact centers, customer service hubs, & large sales teams that utilize major CRMs & VCC platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon Connect, & Five9. We can also scale down to fit businesses of any size! Run your own CRM? No problem. We provide our Open API so you can build custom connectors.

Integrate Salesforce with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Zendesk with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Amazon with cobrowse & screeshare
Integrate Five9 with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Microsoft with cobrowse & screenshare

First Call Resolution skyrockets when your experts can see what users are dealing with in the real world!

Fun Presentation

Give Real World Context to Customer Service Calls

Reduce unnecessary truck rolls, resolve more calls the first time, & boost customer satisfaction by letting users show you the problem themself.

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Reduce Unnecessary Truck Rolls

Sending a tech is expensive! Keep your techs at home base as long as possible by addressing even the most complicated field service issues right through their mobile device. Franchisee machine down? No problem. Just text, tap, & see what they see through any mobile camera!

Escalate Calls & Seamlessly Hand Off

Need to escalate a call? No issue. Just invite a new agent into the mobile cam stream & everyone will have eyes on the problem. After escalating, your first agent can drop out of the call & get back to the call queue!

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Fully Configurable to Your Brand

Configure text messages, appearance, onscreen prompts, & more to ensure your customers have a mobile cam sharing & live chat experience that is consistent with what they've come to expect of your brand.

No Download, No Sign-In Needed

Your users won't have to make an account. They won't need to download an app. It's as simple as text, tap, & share. Your agents see whatever your customer points their mobile device at. No residual data is left on user's device.

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Secure cobrowsing and screenshare protects sensitive data with security PINs and backend security

Security-Driven Camera Sharing

Built with privacy & security in mind, Relate SMS relies on SMS sent directly to a user's verified phone number, providing a single-use prompt. This means your cam sharing session stays private. We routinely surpass the security standards of some of the toughest industries!

Built for the Digital Enterprise

Relate SMS mobile cam sharing software is built from the ground up to meet the challenges of enterprise organizations. Our advanced live support CRM solution puts you at the forefront of ticket resolution. We are easy integrate and provide 99.99% uptime.

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Simple to Deploy & Easy to Use

Embed us in your service! A streamlined visual design, paired with world-class integrations for CRM platforms, makes for a short learning curve. That translates to a lower total cost of ownership, fewer training expenses, & happier customers.

Designed, Hosted, & Supported in the US

We have global reach using the latest cloud technology, but our roots are in the United States. With US patents, our product is and always has been 100% American made. We do not offshore or outsource engineering or operations. The security of your data is paramount to us.

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Video Chat Levels Up Customer Service in Any Industry

Field Service

  • Increase First Call Resolution (FCR)

  • Connect field techs with advanced experts

  • Keep your fleet moving with instant comms

  • Relay complex instructions to outposts

  • Spend less time typing, more time fixing

  • Reduce customer downtime

  • Boost field service efficiently, on any device


  • Meet the exploding demand for telehealth

  • Offer video chat with no download or sign up

  • Quit losing time to connections & setup

  • See more patients & schedule more visits

  • Provide the same care expected in hospitals

  • Connect anywhere, on any device

  • Demonstrate instructions in real time

  • Low-tech threshold for non-tech savvy users


  • On-site claims through mobile cam

  • Save your adjustors a home visit

  • Survey scene of accident immediately

  • Reduce average time to settle claims

  • Personal customer service retains customers

  • Improve accuracy of claims the first time


  • Connect remote shops & dealerships

  • Let experts look under the hood, anywhere

  • Diagnose & resolve technical issues faster

  • Less wasted time boosts effective labor rate

  • Let techs work face to face with engineers

  • Fewer notes, less email & no waiting for answers

Save time, gas, & money by ditching unnecessary truck rolls. When you can solve more problems from HQ, you save big!

Recursive Labs Suite: Cobrowsing, Video Chat, Cam Share, & More


The Recursive Labs product suite is a comprehensive Next Generation Customer Engagement platform that transforms visitors into customers, and customers into brand advocates.


Cobrowse & screenshare with customers on any device. Our Realtime cobrowsing & screenshare solution lets you see what your customer sees & navigate through tricky forms through onscreen guidance.

Request Live

Convergent inbound video calling that uses onscreen elements to provide context to calls before your agent answers them. Queue calls, sort and filter by what you know about the caller, and integrate cobrowsing for a one of a kind Next Generation Customer Engagement experience.


Record cobrowse and video call sessions for training, compliance, and liability. Sensitive data that you redacted in the session will stay redacted in the recording! No data storage required. We'll backup the session on AWS & provide a secure link to an MP4 file of the recording. CRM required!

Fun Presentation

Give Real World Context to Customer Service Calls

Reduce unnecessary truck rolls, resolve more calls the first time, & boost customer satisfaction by letting users show you the problem themself.