Transform your website and mobile apps into a real-time communication platform

Directly From Your Website to Contact Center

Request Live enables a direct, live conversation between your customer and your contact center right from your website with just a single click. Our no download technology eliminates obstacles to your online sales process and enables a direct call-to-action. There is no need to make a separate phone call; just click and connect. 


You control the type of default connection, whether it is video to video, audio to video or audio to audio. If the customer isn’t comfortable with video chat, they can use an audio only option. 


The open architecture and queuing capabilities of Request Live allow you to easily connect your customers with the right person quickly and easily. The ability to integrate the call simultaneously with information right from the application, allows you to land the call better and faster. No need to ask customers Interactive Voice Response style questions for things you should already know from their online experience. 

Get Calls to the Right Place Easier

Seamless integration changes everything. You don’t have to waste your customer's time routing their call with Interactive Voice Response when your website should already know the answer to their question. 


Request Live routes calls with data elements right from your website or mobile application. These elements are used to route calls to the correct place instantly. No searching for customer service numbers, no traversing an IVR, no passing around and being placed on hold by agents.


For example, if your customer is viewing your website in Spanish, Request Live enables you to send their call directly to a Spanish speaker, not prompt them to ”Press 2 for Spanish”.

If you customer is on the detailed page for a highly technical or industry specific product, you know where they are coming in from and can get them directly to a knowledgeable sales person.


Full Integration with the Recursive Labs Software Suite


Request Live is part of our larger visual customer engagement platform


Seamless integration with Realtime co-browse software allows you to see your customers screen. It’s just one click to share your screen in real time.


Security is a top priority which is why we protect sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers throughout our platform.


Optionally integrate with Record to record both calls and co-browsing sessions for either compliance or training on best practices

Open API's Integrate into Your Existing Workflows

You can use our existing platform to answer calls directly or leverage our open API’s to route calls (and supporting meta data) right into your existing workflows.

Our forthcoming CRM connectors will allow you to integrate these inbound calls right into existing CRM applications.

Some Things are Best Done in Person