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Turn Leads into Conversations Faster
Inbound Video Chat

Revenue teams can connect faster & slash long sales cycles--just 1 click can start a conversation


Accelerate Your Sales Cycle; Close Digital Sales Faster with Inbound Video Calling

Add video chat to your site or app

1-Click Simple
Customer Prompts

video chat that integrates with your CRM

Empower Digital Sales Teams

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Win More Deals with a Personal Touch

Generate inbound leads & start engaging customers on your website or app in half the time!

Arm sales teams with more user data, more ways to engage, & more advanced CRM tools.

Slash sales cycles, build trust, & create stronger relationships with customers with inbound video.

Generate more revenue by connecting customers with sales support the moment they land on your webstore or app.

Context in your CRM

Harness Customer Data Faster

Set your agents up for success by providing context to the video call they're about to take. Request Live can read page URLs, language or location settings, or pricing data so customers feel like agents already know what they need.

Personalize Shopping Experiences

Boost conversions & reduce returns by providing visual customer engagement. Question about a specific product? Click a prompt & a brand expert is connected to tell users more about the exact product they're browsing.

Video chat right on your web pages
Simple, secure, & no downloads needed

Inbound Video Chat You Can Trust

Built with privacy & security in mind, Request Live is initiated by the customer & launches from your website. We ensure video chat sessions stay private. We routinely surpass the security standards of some of the toughest industries!

No Downloads, No User Friction

Your users won't have to make an account. They won't need to download an app. It's as simple as click, connect, & chat. Your agents arrive already armed with knowledge about the customer & their needs. No residual is left on user's device.

Configure to your brand!
Provide better customer experience

Unify Marketing & Sales Efforts

With Request Live inbound video calling, one clicked advertisement equals one sales agent engaging live with a lead. With the versatility to launch through a simple link, web banner, email campaign, or a QR code embedded in a poster or video. The possibilities are endless.

Request Live convergent video calling helps revenue teams intelligently route & queue inbound customers to sales agents through face-to-face video chat. We cut through the early sales funnel to directly turn clicks into conversions.

Your Website Is Already Generating Powerful Customer Data!

Convergent inbound video chat built into your CRM lets agents provide personalized sales & service support without having to ask the customer who they are, what they want, or what page they're on. You should already know!


Context-driven video chat queuing brings together onscreen data, your CRM, & sales to provide the ultimate personalized customer experience. And--as always--no apps, downloads, or sign-ups required!


63% of US consumers expect companies to already know & address their unique needs as a customer. (Hubspot)

Over 70% of consumers say companies should collaborate on their behalf so they don't have to repeat information. (Zendesk)


Engage Customers with Next Level Service & Support

No downloads. No sign ups. No usernames.

Just click, connect, & cobrowse or screenshare securely with your customers across any device.

Accelerate Sales in Any Industry with Video-First Sales & Support



  • Boost Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

  • Reduce returns with better sales support

  • Fewer agent hand-offs & repeated scripts

  • Empower agents to enter chat with context

  • Bring almost any onscreen data into your CRM

  • Intelligent video call queuing

  • Skip IVRs, sort calls to the right team every time


Software Services

  • Remove obstacles in sales funnel with live chat

  • Offer custom sales support on product pages

  • Ease scheduling for demos & appointments

  • Offer video customer service with no downloads

  • Explain complex service offerings in minutes

  • Know more data about leads before first contact

Call Center_edited_edited.jpg


  • Route calls to the right department with no IVR

  • Skip frustrating & repetitive phone bots

  • Video chat boosts Customer Satisfaction

  • Come responsive, connected, & with context

  • Sort calls by language, location, URLs, or more

  • Supercharge First Call Resolution


Banking & Finance

  • Connect face to face with web & app users

  • Route inbound calls to the right department fast

  • Sort video calls by URL, product, location, & more

  • Lift Customer Satisfaction with a personal touch

  • Offer the same friendly service as the bank lobby

  • Skip the repetitive call trees & frustrating bots

Live chat in customer's web browsers & guide them through your product catalog without asking them to download anything.

Recursive Labs Suite: Cobrowsing, Video Chat, Cam Share, & More

Product Matrix.jpg

The Recursive Labs product suite is a comprehensive Next Generation Customer Engagement platform that transforms visitors into customers, and customers into brand advocates.


Cobrowse & screenshare with customers on any device. Our Realtime cobrowsing & screenshare solution lets you see what your customer sees & navigate through tricky forms through onscreen guidance.

Relate & Relate SMS

Video chat with customers through any device without ever asking them to download an app, create an account, or sign in. With Relate SMS, you can invite video chats via text message & view anything that your customer's rear-facing or front-facing mobile camera can view.


Record cobrowse and video call sessions for training, compliance, and liability. Sensitive data that you redacted in the session will stay redacted in the recording!

Engage Customers with Next Level Service & Support

No downloads. No sign ups. No usernames.

Just click, connect, & cobrowse or screenshare securely with your customers across any device.

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