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"No Download" Cobrowsing
See what a customer sees on your website or app

No downloads, no apps, no sign-ups or browser extensions. Just one click lets your agents cobrowse on your website to help with tasks like onboarding, account creation, site navigation, and more. 

  • See customers issues & solve them in real time

  • Reduce abandonment of online forms & applications

  • Improve average handle time for customer service queries

  • Guide users to accurate answers with onscreen annotation

  • Eliminate user frustration with just one click

No Download Cobrowse
Full Desktop Screenshare

Full Desktop Screenshare
See what customers see on any screen, window, or tab

One click lets customers share their screen with your team, allowing them access to windows, entire screens, browser tabs, & even sites where our code is not installed! Leverage the versatility & security of WebRTC.

  • Drill down into browser settings or desktop applications for hands-on support

  • Assist with technical issues that are hard to explain over phone or email

  • Offer a "Zoom-like" sharing experience without the scheduling headaches

  • Solve support requests more accurate & boost customer satisfaction

  • Help customers even on third-party sites like DocuSign or marketplaces


1-Click Simple Video Chat
Escalate from text to video or integrate with screenshare

Need to communicate a detailed message to a customer on your site without typing out a short novel in the chat box? Instantly connect through simple, secure video chat to provide an "in person" experience online.

  • Provide a human touch to your online sales & support process

  • Easily escalate from text-based chat to video for high tier service

  • Personalize your brand & earn customer trust

  • Create sales engagements with opportunities to cross-sell

  • Explain details & tech specs when users are comparing products

1-Click Video Chat
Video Chat
Inbound Video Chat

Inbound Video Chat
Route inbound leads to intelligent video call queues

Ready to open a whole new channel for inbound sales & support? Skip the IVRs & chat bots by letting your team answer queries directly through voice & video. Plus, your leads are routed to the right team by details like GeoIP or URL.

  • Sell through your people--not chatbots and phone trees

  • Create "in-person" selling opportunities that convert faster

  • Offer expert product support on product detail pages & categories

  • Open a brand new sales channel with extremely high conversion rates

  • Personalize your sales team to build customer trust & loyalty

Inbound Video Chat

SMS-Launched Mobile Video
Solve field service issues remotely without rolling a truck

Send a one-time use link via SMS to instantly see any job site. Remotely troubleshoot, diagnose, & guide repairs for proprietary equipment. Your field service team will see instant savings on travel, labor, & fuel expenses.

  • Solve more issues on first contact & eliminate repeat calls

  • Provide real-time, visual guidance for any repair or troubleshooting problem

  • Leverage the mobile devices employees already carry on the floor

  • Reduce emissions from fossil fuels by minimizing truck rolls

  • Slash "window time" of technicians visiting remote locations & outposts

SMS Mobile Video Streaming
SMS Mobile Video
Mixed Reality for Field Services

Mixed Reality for Field Services
Virtually "reach" into user screens for hands-on guidance

Need to take remote field service to the next level? Reach into customer screens, draw & annotate live, and visually guide users through real time repairs by utilizing Mixed Reality with mobile video streaming software.

  • Tackle any complex equipment or hardware problem confidently

  • Share technicians' expertise globally, without expensive travel

  • Show customers exactly what you want them to do by pointing & drawing

  • Demonstrate usage of specific tools or highlight areas to focus on

  • Wow customers & earn their loyalty with cutting-edge service experiences

Mixed Reality

Session Recording
Easily record video & cobrowse sessions in your CRM

Simplify training & compliance for all of our customer experience tools by recording interactions. Recordings are stored in your CRM so your team can review archived sales, support & field service engagements.

  • Create training opportunities by reviewing digital engagements

  • Keep a record of interactions for compliance, warranty, & legal purposes

  • Recordings are created from agent side, preserving redaction of PII in video

  • Access MP4 video recordings via link, saving you on data storage costs

  • Let agents catch up on past interactions to provide better service

Session Recording
Session Recording

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Still have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about cobrowsing, screensharing, mobile camera sharing, video chat, & more. Recursive Labs is an industry leader in Next Generation Visual Customer Engagement & our team has plenty of knowledge to share!

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