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Helping to define the "New Normal"

Record your customer experience for digital sales and service interactions

Record your online sales and service experience

As we move into the “New Normal” with an ever-increasing number of your customer interactions coming through your mobile app and your website, keeping critical customer information at the ready 7x24 is more  important than ever before.


Your customer data is more than just numbers and charts. It’s conversations, videos, site surveys, images, mobile screen shares and cobrowsing sessions. Sometimes it’s just one of these things, other times, it’s all of the above. Capturing what was said and seen is a critical component of understanding the overall customer experience. 


Additionally, this data serves multiple purposes across your organization. Not only does it provide invaluable business information, but it may also be required for industry mandated compliance. It can also be an irreplaceable asset for training your staff in key best practices for online sales and customer service efforts

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Record stores all of the digital customer interactions from any of the products on Recursive Labs Visual Customer Engagement Platform. Whether it’s a cobrowse, audio or video chat, or even a live stream from a mobile device, they are all captured. Doing multiple at a time, no problem, they are all captured and merged together into a single linked video.

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Integrated Platform

Our integrated platform based approach allows you to record all of your visual customer interactions, no matter the type. Each session can be tied directly to the case entry in any integrated CRM for quick and easy access. Stored as industry standard MP4 videos, these recordings can be seamlessly integrated with other video tools

Sensitive data is not a problem. Any elements flagged for redaction in your cobrowsing configuration are automatically redacted inside your videos so you never have to worry. All videos are encrypted both in transit as well as when they are stored to maintain the highest levels of security.

Mobile SDK's

Record not only works with your web

experience, but also using our IOS and

Android SDK’s you can record the

entire mobile application sharing

session as well. With total control over

your customer experience, you can

also protect sensitive personal data on

command from within the app itself,

dynamically omitting it from the share.

Record also includes the ability to

capture integrated mobile video chats

as well.

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Use Cases

Industry Compliance

Critical information capture

Sharing with customers

Best Practices Training

Remote Identity Verification

Customer Experience Audits

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Integrate With Leading Solution Providers or Stand Alone

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