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1-Click Simple Read-Only Cobrowsing
With No Downloads or Apps

Click & connect with zero user friction. See what users see on your website or app for fast, accurate support.

See what customers see & guide them to better outcomes

Average Handle Time


See & solve support queries faster, slashing AHT for most calls



Delight customers with

seamless, 1-on-1 support

Complete More Forms


Walk side-by-side with users through onboarding & form filling

How Does No Download Cobrowse Work?

1-Click Cobrowse Launch

1-Click to Launch

Launch a cobrowsing session through a button, link, or other prompt. Just one click connects users with your support team.

Secure cobrowsing and screenshare protects sensitive data with security PINs and backend security

Confirm & Connect

Users confirm their session with a 9-digit security key. Once verified, support agents enter their name & can instantly start helping.

Collaborate in real time with annotation, screenshots, and document sharing

View & Collaborate

No download or sign-in needed. Your agent sees the customer’s screen with the ability to annotate, guide, screenshot, & more.

Human-to-human guidance accelerates completion rate of complicated online documents, applications, & forms.

Compliancy-ready cobrowsing redacts elements during cobrowse or screenshare

Compliance-Friendly Cobrowsing

Fully configure your cobrowse view to hide sensitive data like social security numbers or bank accounts. We can filter out any on-screen element, providing endless versatility to meet any industry’s regulatory compliance requirements. We fit any use case in any deployment!

No Download, No Sign-In Needed

Cobrowse software with no client download? Our Realtime cobrowse software relies on patented processes that let any user to connect, cobrowse, and collaborate with a single click. No apps or data are left on customer devices. Realtime leaves no trace!

Screenshare or cobrowse from your CRM with no downloads or account sign up
Secure cobrowsing and screenshare protects sensitive data with security PINs and backend security

Security-Driven Cobrowsing

Built with cybersecurity and safety in mind, Realtime utilizes 9-digit security PINs to launch sessions and additional backend security strategies ensure your customer contact center provides the most secure sales, service, and support possible. We routinely surpass the security standards of some of the toughest industries!

Built for the Digital Enterprise

Recursive Labs is an advanced live support service that puts your contact center at the forefront of enterprise customer service. Our enterprise cobrowse software is built from the ground up to meet the challenges of large scale deployments. We are easy scale, simple to integrate, and provide 99.99% uptime.

Cobrowsing & screenshare software built for enterprise CRMs
Easily add cobrowse to your website

Simple to Deploy & Easy to Use

Realtime cobrowsing is deployed with a single line of code, or to your mobile app with our prebuilt Mobile SDK. Our streamlined visual design, paired with world-class integration with CRM software, means learning curves are short. Save time and money by keeping total cost of ownership low while easing employee turnover costs.

Designed, Hosted, & Supported in the US

We have global reach using the latest cloud technology, but our roots are in the United States. With US patents, our product is and always has been 100% American made. We do not offshore or outsource engineering or operations. The security of your data is paramount to us.

Recursive Labs is hosted, designed, & secured in the United States

Frequently Asked Questions About Cobrowse

Mobile SDK.jpg

Mobile App Ready

Want to add Realtime cobrowsing to your mobile app? Our Mobile SDK makes it easy to deploy our services & configure them to fit the unique demands of your application environment. Schedule a call to learn more!

Stop Losing Customers to Clunky Online Service!

Cobrowsing solutions are leading the digital transformation in customer service, opening up new channels for effective communication.. If your online service is lacking, you’re losing money. Today’s tech-savvy customer expects a connected, personalized customer experience. But if your brand can’t deliver?


58% of US consumers switch to a competitor after just one bad customer service experience. (Microsoft)

Over 80% of users will go to a competitor after more than one poor customer service experience. (Zendesk)



70% of consumers say that today's technology lets them easily switch to competitors. (Salesforce)

Cobrowse solution that Integrates With Your CRM

Realtime cobrowse software was built for enterprise contact centers, customer service hubs, & large sales teams that utilize major CRMs & VCC platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon Connect, & Five9. We also scale down to businesses of any size! Run your own CRM? No problem. We can provide our Open API so you can build custom connectors.

Integrate Salesforce with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Zendesk with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Amazon with cobrowse & screeshare
Integrate Five9 with cobrowse & screenshare
Integrate Microsoft with cobrowse & screenshare

Recursive Labs Suite: Cobrowsing, Video Chat, Cam Share, & More

Recursive Labs CX Software Suite

The Recursive Labs product suite is a comprehensive Next Generation Customer Engagement platform that transforms visitors into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

Relate & Relate SMS

Video chat live with individuals at any point in their customer journey through a link or text message. With Relate SMS, you can see exactly what customers are seeing through their mobile cam.

Relate MR

Reach into customer screens using Mixed Reality. Take remote field service into the future by seeing what customers are seeing in front of them, while using your hands or tools to virtually guide them to a fix!


Request Live

Convergent inbound video calling that uses onscreen elements to provide context to calls before your agent answers them. Queue calls, sort and filter by what you know about the caller, and integrate cobrowsing for a one of a kind Next Generation Customer Engagement experience.



Record cobrowse and video call sessions for training, compliance, and liability. Sensitive data that you redacted in the cobrowse session will stay redacted in the recording! No data storage required. We'll backup the session on AWS & provide a secure link to an MP4 file of the recording. Requires a CRM!

Engage Customers with Next Level Service & Customer Support

No downloads. No sign ups. No usernames. Just click, connect, & cobrowse or screen share securely with your customers across any device.

Still have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about cobrowsing, screensharing, mobile camera sharing, video chat, & more. Recursive Labs is an industry leader in Next Generation Visual Customer Engagement & our team has plenty of knowledge to share!

Shoot us a message & we'll send more info!

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