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Customer Experience Trends in Insurance: How Visual Engagement is Transforming the Industry

Customer experience has become a crucial factor in the success of any business, including the insurance industry. In recent years, insurance companies have been placing a greater focus on customer experience in order to stay competitive and retain customers.


One of the fastest growing customer experience trends in the insurance industry is the use of technology to improve user engagement. Often, this means more than just investing in chatbots and self-help articles. Visual engagement tools are providing more customers with interactive and personalized responses to queries and support issues. This personalization builds stronger relationships between brands and their customers, improving key metrics such as CSAT.

Visual engagement trends in the insurance industry

Visual customer engagement means brands interact in real time with customers on their website or app, delivering personalized support where and when customers need it most. Connecting at this level can be done with simple, cost-efficient technologies.


Cobrowsing is a common technology that allows customers to share their screens with agents in real time. This can be particularly useful for insurance companies, as it enables agents to walk customers through complex processes such as filing a claim or selecting the right policy. By allowing customers to see the agent's screen and interact with it in real time, cobrowsing can help to reduce frustration, minimize user friction, and improve the overall customer experience.

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Video chat is another tool that insurance companies are using to improve customer experience. By providing face-to-face communication between agents and customers, video chat can help to build trust and improve the quality of customer interactions.


For example, mobile video chat can be particularly useful for assessing damage to a customer's property and discussing the claims process.


Early adopters in the insurance industry are even using inbound video chat as an effective inbound demand generation and assisted selling tool.

Here are some of the benefits of using cobrowsing, video chat, and other visual engagement in the insurance industry:

  • Improved customer experience: By offering interactive support, visual engagement tools improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction

  • Increased efficiency: Visual engagement tools streamline customer support processes, reducing the time and resources required to assist customers

  • Better outcomes: By enabling agents to better understand customer needs and provide tailored support, visual engagement tools achieve better outcomes for both customers and insurance brands

Customers today expect to be able to access their insurance policies, file claims, and make changes to their policies online. Insurance companies that offer visual customer engagement are working to transition the in-person experience to the digital landscape.


Customer experience is becoming a key differentiator between insurance brands. The top insurance brands use technology, personalization, and human support to win and retain more customers.

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