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Perfecting the Claims Process: How Mobile Video is Revolutionizing Home & Auto Insurance

Insurance companies need faster & more convenient ways to simplify the claims process for their policyholders, & mobile cameras have proven to be effective tools. Visual engagement tools like mobile camera streaming lets policyholders quickly launch one-way or two-way video through the mobile device that’s already in their pocket.


With Relate SMS, it’s as easy as text, tap, & resolve.


  • Send a single-use link to a policyholder through SMS

  • Policyholder taps the link & instantly connects via video chat

  • Point your phone at the issue & enjoy real-time claim processing

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Let's take a look at how these technologies are making a difference. Benefits of using mobile camera streaming in the remote claims process include:

Clear & immediate documentation of damage

  • Reduces the need for policyholders to provide additional documentation

  • Lets policyholders feel seen & heard at the time of an accident

  • Helps prevent fraudulent claims


Complex or unusual circumstances

  • Allows for remote assessments through video chat

  • Gives insurance adjusters a better understanding of the situation

  • Reduces risk of exposure to health or safety hazards

Determining cause & extent of damage

  • Real-time evidence captured by mobile cameras allows for quick & accurate claims

  • Video chat can connect policyholders with contractors or suppliers to assess repair/replacement options


Managing large volumes of claims

  • Streamlines the claims process

  • Improves customer satisfaction

  • Closes more claims on the first call, without need for follow-up


Mobile cam streaming makes it easy to..

  • Assess & evaluate claims effectively

  • Reduce unnecessary travel

  • Relay physical instructions through video

  • Offer personalized service experience remotely

Remote claims processing through mobile camera sharing provides a number of benefits for both insurance brands & policyholders. They allow for clear documentation, accurate damage assessments, & efficient handling of large volumes of claims.

In today’s digital world, insurance brands know that policyholders can easily switch to a competitor if they are dissatisfied with claims service. Win & retain more policyholders by staying at the forefront of personalized customer engagement.

Still have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about cobrowsing, screensharing, mobile camera sharing, video chat, & more. Recursive Labs is an industry leader in Next Generation Visual Customer Engagement & our team has plenty of knowledge to share!

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Recursive Labs is an industry leader in next generation visual customer engagement software in the form of secure no-download cobrowse, screenshare, video chat, & mobile camera CRM software. We help companies connect customers & support teams seamlessly through no-download visual engagement tools that integrate with major CRMs.

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