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How mixed reality improves field service & product support outcomes

Mixed reality and augmented reality solutions, which combine the virtual and physical worlds, are revolutionizing field services. Utilizing cameras on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, augmented reality tech overlays digital information onto the physical environment. This tech saves businesses money, increases efficiency, and ensures that service issues are fixed correctly the first time.

Mixed reality field service solutions for ISPs

Let’s explore the benefits of using augmented reality in field service maintenance and look at some real-world examples of mixed reality use cases in both the field service and product support world. Mixed reality technology, when used intelligently, improves field service operations and enhances customer experiences.

Benefits of using augmented reality in field service & product support

Augmented reality (AR) & mixed reality (MR) solutions provide huge benefits to field service teams. One of the most notable benefits is AR-assisted remote guidance, where field technicians receive “I see what you see” remote assistance from experts in real-time, reducing the need for on-site visits and minimizing equipment downtime.


This approach lets field technicians quickly and easily troubleshoot equipment remotely with the ability to:

  • Virtually “reach into” the user’s screen & use hand gestures to physically guide repairs

  • Demonstrate how to set up, orient, or use specialized tools up close

  • Draw, annotate, & write in real-time, all overlaid right on a live shared screen


Because sessions are launched via SMS-delivered hyperlinks, Recursive Labs field service solutions work anywhere with access to a cell phone signal, meaning that remote outposts and locations without reliable Internet connections can still utilize mixed reality.


Fast, effective, download-free mixed reality solutions reduce unnecessary truck rolls, boost First Call Fix Rates (FCFR), and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Fix more field service problems remotely with augmented reality mobile video

Mobile cam streaming makes it easy to..

  • Diagnose & evaluate issues effectively

  • Reduce unnecessary truck rolls

  • Relay physical instructions through video

  • Offer personalized service experience remotely

Mixed Reality Mobile Streaming Overview Video

Real-world examples of mixed reality in field service

1 - Use mixed reality to set up & configure a modem

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and other telecommunication brands can offer real-time guided assistance to both new and existing customers when setting up a new modem or troubleshooting connectivity problems.

By typing a customer’s mobile number into a CRM-based widget, the customer is invited to start a mobile video session right through the smartphone in their pocket. Then, just tap and start solving.

Install a modem with AR-enabled guided assistance

Once a mobile video streaming session is in progress, toggling on augmented reality is just one click away. No one downloads anything. No one signs up for a service or an account. Just text, tap, and go.


With mixed reality enabled, your support team can draw, annotate, and virtually reach into the end user’s mobile screen to demonstrate exactly how to configure their modem.

2 - Use mixed reality to repair equipment in the field

Sometimes, equipment deployed in the field can be hard to reach with certified expertise. For example, if a piece of heavy mining equipment in the Alaskan wilderness required maintenance, flying in an expert can cost an arm and a leg.


Traditionally, digital field service tools can struggle to assist in these remote locations where broadband connectivity is sparse. However, by utilizing download-free mobile video streaming, anywhere with a cell tower signal can host a virtual one-on-one with experts from anywhere in the world.

Mixed Reality field service solutions for heavy equipment maintenance

With mixed reality, heavy machinery technicians can demonstrate how proprietary or specialized tools are used to by overlaying the tools as digital images on the user’s screen. This means that more issues are fixed on the first call, without the phone tag and long email chains.

3 - Use mixed reality to assist customers with furniture or fixtures

Furniture and fixture sellers see high rates of returns due to the nature of their products. When customers take on the DIY challenge and find themselves flustered, in many cases they pack the product back up and ask for a refund. Intervening to guide users with mixed reality lets furniture and fixture brands provide delightful experiences with their products and cut down on RMAs.


With the help of friendly customer support agents, customers can be walked through the assembly process for “manual-free” instruction. Put a stop to excessive returns today!

AR-enabled video assistance for product support

Remote field service, mixed reality, & the environment

When brands embrace digital transformation, they are making more than just a commitment to efficiency and customer experience. Remote field service solutions harness the power of technology to reduce unnecessary travel and fossil fuel consumption. 


Brands can create a real impact on how their field service operations affect the environment. Not only are customers happier with personalized service and product support, but your brand’s carbon footprint shrinks as a bonus.


Read more about field services and sustainability here.

Virtually reach into customer screens with mixed reality

See our mixed reality field service solution in action by scheduling a personalized demo today. Augmented reality strategies improve field service efficiency, improve first call fix rate, and reduce costly travel expenses.

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