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Cobrowsing & Full Desktop WebRTC Screenshare for Docusign

Cobrowsing & WebRTC Screen Share in Docusign

Lenders, loan specialists, real estate agents, & financial service providers use Docusign dozens of times per day to collaborate on contracts or loan agreements, e-sign sensitive documents, & complete tricky legal proceedings.


Having the ability to cobrowse in Docusign with your clients means you can support customers while seeing the same Docusign screen they are working on.

Recursive Labs Realtime cobrowsing solution includes three use tiers:

  • Read Only - Agents can only view customer screens; never interact

  • Collaborative - Agents can interact with specified elements in a customer browser tab

  • Full Desktop - Agents use WebRTC screenshare with full desktop capabilities

Full desktop screensharing

Full desktop WebRTC screenshare for Docusign

Sometimes clients need some extra assistance with the Docusign platform. Recursive Lab’s Realtime full desktop screenshare lets your agents interact with client browsers, applications, & settings. Your agents always work out of the same CRM interface they're used to!


No additional software downloads required for full desktop screenshare, so you can quickly and seamlessly hop into full desktop during a Docusign session & take care of whatever issues crop up. We utilize WebRTC screen share standards!

CRM software cobrowsing & WebRTC screenshare

Support customers live in Docusign

Having the ability to see what customers are seeing on their Docusign platform (especially with full desktop reach) means you can assist & support clients live with a human touch. This personalized experience means:

  • Lower abandonment rate for lengthy forms

  • Fewer mistakes & errors on applications

  • Live witnesses to document e-signing

  • Clear up confusion with unfamiliar Docusign platform

  • Delight customers with personalized, human support

WebRTC screen share Docusign for quick easy document signing, contact negotiations, & more!

Cobrowse with multiple signers in Docusign

Realtime cobrowsing & screenshare sessions can include multiple guests. Once a screenshare session begins, your agents can invite additional guests into the session. This enables Docusign screenshare sessions to accommodate:

  • Multiple signers in one session

  • Added expertise by pulling in specialists

  • Invite third-party witnesses or stakeholders

Cobrowsing software with built-in redaction

Recursive Labs builds data privacy into every aspect of our cobrowsing software. To ensure your team never sees sensitive data, you can redact any on-screen element dynamically in cobrowse sessions.


That makes it easy to hide:


  • Social security numbers

  • Credit card numbers

  • Medical history

  • Images

  • Any other onscreen element


Don’t want agents to see what customers are typing in a field? No problem. We can bulletize individual characters, place a black mask over the field, or remove the field from the agent's view entirely.

redact any data at the element level

Realtime cobrowse uses the meta-structure of the web (the DOM) as a lens, securing data down to an element level on a webpage. All sessions are HTTPS secure, adding 256 AES encryption to the equation.


Need to record interactions for compliance purposes or for team training? Our integrated redaction is reflected in recordings with Recursive Labs Record. Sensitive data never leaves the customer’s device.

Still have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about cobrowsing, screensharing, mobile camera sharing, video chat, & more. Recursive Labs is an industry leader in Next Generation Visual Customer Engagement & our team has plenty of knowledge to share!

Shoot us a message & we'll send more info!

Recursive Labs is an industry leader in next generation visual customer engagement software in the form of secure no-download cobrowse, screenshare, video chat, & mobile camera CRM software. We help companies connect customers & support teams seamlessly through no-download visual engagement tools that integrate with major CRMs.

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