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Meet Recursive Labs

Leaders in Next Generation Customer Engagement

Our Mission

The Recursive Labs team is dedicated to reconnecting the face-to-face customer experience with the speed of the digital world. Though we love the convenience of having all the world's knowledge, products, & services accessible through a single click, we know that there is still something missing...

A human connection.

Recursive Labs strives to push customer experience into the next generation across the entire customer lifecycle. Through our suite of cobrowsing, screenshare, inbound video chat, & mobile camera sharing tools, we give your team more flexibility in when, how, & where they can interact with customers.

Knowing the critical importance of convenience in the digital age, we never ask your customers to download any special apps, sign up for any accounts, or save any account data. Just click or text & connect live. Anywhere, through any device.

Our Story

Recursive Labs develops the most secure full-featured, integrated cross-platform customer engagement solutions available in the marketplace today. Our next generation customer engagement tools were originally designed for compliance-based, highly regulated industries like financial services & healthcare. Our visual customer engagement platform provides a unique patented approach to secure seamless collaboration between vendors & customers.

Dedicated to building innovative technologies aimed at improving the digital customer experience, Recursive Labs focuses on the needs of the most security-conscious industries. We offer the only enterprise-grade visual engagement platform designed from the ground up for the needs of those market sectors.

Recursive Labs is led by Bud Albers, former Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at The Walt Disney Company. Mr. Albers brings 20 years expertise in technology innovation, research, & development to Recursive Labs. Learn more about the team behind Recursive Labs by visiting Meet Our Team page.

Our Product

The Recursive Labs product suite is a comprehensive Next Generation Customer Engagement platform that transforms visitors into customers, and customers into brand advocates across the entire customer lifecycle--from marketing and sales enablement to customer support and field services.


Cobrowse & screenshare with customers on any device. Our Realtime cobrowsing & screenshare solution lets you see what your customer sees & navigate through tricky forms through onscreen guidance.

Relate & Relate SMS

Video chat with customers through any device without ever asking them to download an app, create an account, or sign in. With Relate SMS, you can invite video chats via text message & view anything that your customer's rear-facing or front-facing mobile camera can view.

Request Live

Convergent inbound video calling that uses onscreen elements to provide context to calls before your agent answers them. Queue calls, sort and filter by what you know about the caller, and integrate cobrowsing for a one of a kind Next Generation Customer Engagement experience. Get your customers to the right person quicker.


Record cobrowse and video call sessions for training, compliance, and liability. Sensitive data that you redacted in the session will stay redacted in the recording!

Our Values


We place intense focus on the security of our tools. Recursive Labs has developed patented image-based solutions that minimize security concerns. To further protect consumer information, we also allow businesses to redact any onscreen data so that the information is not share & never leaves the consumer’s device.

Open APIs

Recursive Labs products are built on open APIs which allow us to easily integrate & extend our platform. This extreme versatility means that no matter what your problem or situation, our platforms can be enabled to meet your unique needs. Major CRM? Custom CRM? No CRM? No problem. There is always a way to connect Recursive Labs customer engagement tools to your website or app.


Recursive Labs products offer a truly omnichannel engagement experience, allowing customers to engage with business agents on any Internet-connected device. Our solutions are available on websites, mobile apps, desktops, tablets, cell phones, & more. No matter where you operate, we can help.

Enterprise Grade

We are the only visual customer engagement platform on the market designed from the ground up for enterprise organizations and their unique needs. Our product was birthed with security, data retention, release schedules, and enterprise storage demands in mind. We already work with some of the largest organizations on the planet!


Questions about visual customer engagement?

Learn more about cobrowsing, screensharing, inbound video chat, & mobile camera streaming

by looking through our Visual Customer Engagement knowledge hub!

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