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Customer Experience Software for Any Use Case

One-Click Simple Solutions
for Your Entire Customer Lifecycle

Sell More. Support Faster. Service Smarter.

Trusted Solutions for a Wide Array of Industries

CX for Marketing and Acquisition

Lead Gen & Prospecting

Route Clicks, QR Codes, Buttons, & More to Inbound Video Chat

CX Tools for Sales Enablement



Provide Real-Time Sales Guidance on Your Digital Storefront

CX Tools for Customer Support



See What Users Are Seeing & Guide Them to Fast, Accurate Resolutions

CX Tools for Field Service



Troubleshoot Field Issues Remotely & Eliminate Unnecessary Truck Rolls

Proven Solutions to Simplify Customer Experience


Average Resolution Time

40% Decrease


First Call Resolution

10% Increase


Average Handle Time

15% Decrease

Realtime Read-Only Cobrowse

Read-only cobrowse for fast, simple "I see what you see" support.

Leveraging our patented low-bandwidth cobrowsing technology, live agents can assist customers on any page of your website where our code is installed!

No apps. No downloads. No sign-ups. Connect with one click.

Realtime Full Desktop Screenshare

Full desktop via WebRTC lets users share their screen so that support agents can follow them to any website or application--even where our code is not installed!

Share screens, windows, or tabs with live agents using your existing CRM, VCC, or ticketing system.

No apps. No downloads. No sign-ups. Connect with one click.

Request Live Inbound Video Chat

Request Live Inbound Video Chat

Answer inbound prospects with easy in-browser video chat.

Arm your sales team with real-time customer insights in an intelligently routed video call queue. Answer with audio, video, or both to provide live sales guidance on product and landing pages.

No chatbots. No lead gen forms. Create sales engagement with one click.

Relate SMS + Mixed Reality for Field Service

See what customers see in front of them in the real world.

Leverage any on-site mobile device to let remote experts see, diagnose, & guide solutions for field service issues anywhere in the world. Virtually reach into user screens with the power of Mixed Reality.

No apps. No downloads. No residual data. Troubleshoot with one click.


Relate One-Click Video Chat

Need to chat face to face, fast?

One-click video chat creates instant one on one engagement through your website or mobile app. Escalate customer service cases from text-based chat or provide hands-on sales support in a flash.

No one downloads anything. No calendars or scheduling needed.

Case Study for Field Service Software

Increase First Call Fix Rate by 10% & Save ~$500 per Field Service Call

We transformed one of the largest field service operations in the world & slashed costs on labor, fuel, & mileage.
See for yourself how a Fortune 100 food & beverage brand increased their First Call Fix Rate by 10% & saved thousands with Recursive Labs.

Smarter Field Services For a More Sustainable Future

Service-related travel is inefficient & taxing on the environment. Embracing technology minimizes truck rolls, leading to a greener future for field services.

Field Service and Sustainability
Mobile SDK Ready CX Software

Mobile App Ready

Guided CX for your Mobile App


Our Mobile SDK makes it easy to deploy our services & configure them to fit the

unique demands of your application environment. Schedule a call to learn more!

from Our Partners

"Recursive Labs Co-Browse solution has allowed us to reach our customers digitally when they need us most. In an instant, we can connect and identify customer issues resulting in a positive experience. As the world moves digital, this functionality is critical to our customer experience."

- Mark

"Recursive Labs incredible Co-Browse technology has increased our Customers Satisfaction. We integrated the software into Salesforce Service Cloud and it allows our support agents to quickly and effective help users while staying in the console view. We can also report on the metrics of each session. One of the coolest features is the ability to share documents via the screen share."

- Jonathan

Still have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about cobrowsing, screensharing, mobile camera sharing, video chat, & more. Recursive Labs is an industry leader in Next Generation Visual Customer Engagement & our team has plenty of knowledge to share!

Shoot us a message & we'll send more info!

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