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Reshoring in Customer Service & Contact Centers: Elevating Quality Support & Empowering Brands

2023 has seen a groundswell of customer service and contact center teams reshoring support operations, with brands increasingly choosing to shift customer success ops away from overseas third-party services.


The motivation behind this trend is rooted in an increasing need to offer a higher quality of personalized service and forge stronger connections with existing customer bases.

On this page, we will look at the drive behind reshoring efforts and the reasons why brands are choosing to reshore their customer service teams. Largely, we will highlight the technology that enhances high-quality customer service departments and the benefits this unlocks when paired with local, well-trained support staff.

The Rise of Reshoring: Creating Superb Customer Experiences

A June 2023 study by IoT Analytics entitled “What CEOs talked about in Q2/2023,” details emerging trends among executives at enterprise brands and found that reshoring operations and customer support have surged through the summer months.


Reshoring has gained momentum in the customer service and contact center sectors thanks to some unique factors:

Localized Knowledge

Brands and customers alike benefit from the localized knowledge of local support agents. These agents possess a deep understanding of cultural nuances and customer expectations in the target market. Localized knowledge lets contact centers deliver more personalized, efficient, and empathetic CX, enhancing overall satisfaction.


Exceptional Customer Service

Reshoring ensures higher quality customer service compared to offshore contact centers. Dedicated support agents handle customer queries more effectively. The familiarity of a 1-on-1 conversation allows them to provide tailored solutions that resonate with customers.


Improved Communication

Reshoring overcomes language barriers and communication challenges that may arise in offshore contact centers. Customers feel more comfortable interacting with agents who speak their native language fluently, reducing misunderstandings and facilitating clearer exchanges. This is especially true for video-first customer support strategies.


Strengthening Brand Image

Reshoring customer service teams sends a powerful message to customers, showcasing a brand's commitment to providing personalized, high-quality support and investing in local communities.


Technologies Empowering High-Quality Customer Service Departments

High-quality customer service is not just a matter of physical location. Brands leverage various technologies to take advantage of their local support agents, facilitating clear and efficient communication through digital engagement:


Inbound Video Chat: Putting a Face to Customer Support

The adoption of inbound video chat as a default support tool is surging. This approach lets support agents engage with customers face-to-face, building rapport and providing personalized assistance. Video chat humanizes the customer support experience and enables agents to visually assess customer needs.

Convergent inbound video chat

CRM Integration Software: Streamlining Customer Information

Software solutions designed to integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Five9 play a vital role in empowering high-quality customer service departments. These integrations centralize customer data, letting agents access comprehensive information about a customer's history, preferences, and past interactions. 

Arm sales reps with customer intelligence

Cobrowsing and Screenshare Solutions: Visual Collaboration for Enhanced Support

Cobrowsing and screenshare solutions are instrumental in providing comprehensive assistance to customers. These tools let support agents visually collaborate with customers by sharing screens, browser windows, documents, and applications. Even within platforms like Docusign, agents can seamlessly view and guide customers through processes such as reviewing and signing contracts.

Integrated cobrowsing with video chat

High Quality Customer Support Means High Quality Customer Experience

Reshoring customer service departments is a strategic trend letting brands provide higher quality engagement. By leveraging the advantages of localized knowledge, enhanced communication, and strengthening their brand image, brands can forge stronger connections and earn brand loyalty.


Integrating technologies such as inbound video chat, CRM-friendly software, and cobrowsing/screenshare solutions empowers high-quality customer service departments to play to their strengths and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Reshoring in the customer service and contact center industries, combined with advanced technology adoption, positions brands at the forefront of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and success in today's competitive landscape.

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