Why Choose Recursive Labs?

About Recursive

           St. Louis-based Recursive Labs is a developer of the most secure, full-featured, integrated cross-platform customer engagement solutions available in the marketplace today. Initially designed expressly for compliance-based, highly regulated industries, such as the financial services sector and e-commerce, Recursive Labs’ Visual Engagement Platform provides a distinct, patented approach for seamless collaboration between vendors and their customers.

Recursive Labs is led by Bud Albers, former Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at The Walt Disney Company. He brings 20 years of technology innovation, research and development expertise to Recursive Labs.

Dedicated to building innovative, new technologies aimed at improving the digital customer experience, Recursive Labs focuses on the needs of the most security-conscious industries via its patented technology platform. The company offers the only enterprise-grade visual engagement platform designed expressly for those sectors.

So Why Recursive?

Recursive Labs’ visual engagement platform offers a suite of tools that enable business agents to remotely engage with a customer as though they are in the same room. By viewing and engaging with a customer’s screen, business agents can resolve customer needs, sell products or services, or guide a customer through a variety of tasks. The Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform integrates with existing business tools and communication mechanisms to wrap a visual element around existing solutions.

The patent-based Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform provides seamless collaboration with clients and customers while protecting their information. This visual engagement platform has the following competitive advantages:


Security is a top priority. Unlike other solutions that use a risky DOM-Ship, the Recursive Labs products utilize a patented, image-based solution to protect customers and their data. To further protect consumer information, Recursive Labs also allows businesses to redact any data on a webpage such that the information never leaves the consumer’s device.

Omni Channel

All Recursive Labs products offer a truly omnichannel engagement allowing customers to engage with business agents on any Internet-connected device.

Enterprise Grade

The Recursive Labs platform is the only solution on the market designed from the ground up for enterprise organizations and their needs including, security, data retention, release schedules, and enterprise nodes.

Open API's

We are built on open API's which allows us to interact easily with various CRM's or Chats, meaning whatever your needs may be we can handle them.