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Visual Engagement Technology for ISDs, ESAs, & RESAs

Improve education outcomes, increase efficiency, & enhance accessibility for remote learning by integrating digital engagement into your education tech stack!

Student Engagement Technology for ISDs, ESAs, RESAs

Engagement IS Education

As modern education evolves, technology has become an essential part of the learning experience. As educators transition into digital environments, collaboration tools have become crucial channels of communication.


Both public and private ISDs, ESAs, and RESAs are seeing huge improvements in education outcomes by integrating these kinds of visually-based collaborative capabilities in their districts. Studies have shown that schools using collaborative technology have seen an average increase of 25% in education outcomes, such as test scores and graduation rates.


Digital collaboration software like cobrowsing, mobile camera streaming, and simple video chat allows teachers, administrators, parents, and students to work together no matter where they are located, or what devices may be available to them.

Tools to improve distance learning and remote learning

Meet face-to-face on any device, anywhere with a cell signal

In rural districts, broadband Internet access can be slow, unreliable, or nonexistent.


In low-income communities, students and parents may not own personal computers or laptops with built-in webcams.


And even in circumstances when devices and connectivity are not a problem, the incredibly busy reality of today’s family life can make it hard to facilitate regular in-person meetings between school staff and student families.


However, thanks to federal assistance programs and the ubiquitous nature of smart phones, just about every family has at least one mobile device with working cameras. Visual engagement technology that works across multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems means that ISDs and ESAs are able to provide highly flexible, versatile channels of face-to-face communication for students from any background.

The “No Download” promise

Asking a parent or student to download additional apps on their mobile device can present a problem. Whether parents are untrusting of camera-enabled software installed on their childrens’ devices or whether technology literacy challenges make app installation a headache, wouldn’t it just be easier if no downloads, installs, sign-ups, or residual data was necessary?


1-click simple cobrowse and video chat without downloading additional apps streamlines the meeting process. This lets educators get right to the point without spending the first 15 minutes of every meeting just setting up the call.

No download remote collaboration technology

Benefits of cobrowsing for ISDs & RESAs

Cobrowsing is a collaborative technology that allows multiple users to browse the same website or mobile app simultaneously. Literally, educators are able to remotely see what a student is seeing on the screen in front of them. Cobrowsing offers multiple benefits for ISDs & RESAs:


  • Improve Collaboration: Cobrowsing lets teachers and students collaborate in real-time on the same webpage or mobile app. This feature is especially useful in distance learning or ELL classrooms, where it can be difficult for students to communicate exactly what onscreen elements they are struggling with.


  • Enhance Learning: By using cobrowsing, teachers can share educational materials, websites, and other online resources with students in real-time. This enhances student engagement and understanding of the material.


  • Increase Efficiency: Cobrowsing can help to save time and increase efficiency by letting teachers provide students with direct guidance and support during online activities. This leads to more effective use of their limited time.

Cobrowse for education, ISDs, ESAs, RESAs

One-click simple cobrowsing is a valuable tool for ISDs and RESAs that can help to revolutionize collaboration, learning, efficiency, and personalized instruction.

Benefits of instant video chat for ISDs & RESAs

No-download video chat allows users to connect and communicate with each other 1-on-1 without the need for software downloads.

  • Improve Accessibility: No-download video chat improves accessibility for students who may have difficulty attending classes in person.


  • Enhance Collaboration: Instant video chat allows teachers and admin staff collaborate in real-time.


  • Greater Flexibility: Instant video chat offers greater flexibility for educators by letting them meet with parents & staff from anywhere, at any time.

According to a study by Wainhouse Research, 82% of K-12 teachers who use video conferencing tools in their classrooms reported that it had a positive impact on their students' learning experience.

Benefits of mobile cam sharing for ISDs & ESAs

Mobile camera sharing is a valuable tool for ISDs and RESAs looking to enhance their remote learning, collaboration, and even IT field service processes. Mobile cam streaming lets teachers see issues that are physically in front of students to troubleshoot issues with equipment, textbooks, or other education tools. Sessions are launched with a simple, secure SMS link. No downloads required.


  • Boost IT Staff efficiency: Being able to quickly see and troubleshoot a problem in the classroom means that the IT team does not have to travel and physically visit the building to fix minor issues. (See how with our 2-minute overview video)


  • Improve engagement: With the ability to share live video from their mobile devices, teachers and students can better connect and engage with each other during remote classes and meetings.


  • Enhance collaboration: Mobile camera sharing allows teachers and students to work together more effectively, with the ability to share real-time visual information and collaborate on assignments and projects.


  • Increase accessibility: Mobile camera sharing helps to ensure that all students have equal access to educational content, regardless of their location or device type.


  • Cost-effective: Mobile camera sharing is a cost-effective way to enhance the remote learning experience, as it requires no additional hardware or software installations.


By incorporating mobile camera sharing into their remote learning strategies, ISDs and RESAs can further improve the educational outcomes for their students.

Mobile cam streaming for education, ISDs, ESAs, RESAs

Improve education outcomes with visual, digital collaboration

Collaborative tech offers numerous benefits for ISDs and RESAs looking to enhance their remote learning and collaboration capabilities. Face-to-face interactions improve engagement, enhance collaboration, increase accessibility, and provide cost-effective solutions for remote learning.


If you're an ISD or RESA exploring digital engagement strategies, consider incorporating these collaborative technologies into your education technology stack. You can create a more interactive learning experience for your region.


If you're interested in learning more about how cobrowsing, instant video chat, and mobile camera sharing can benefit your educational institution, contact us today.

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