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Reduce Call Abandonment Rates without Adding More Agents

Transferred calls and inefficient IVRs are driving up your call abandonment rates.

With tight budgets due to economic uncertainty, you also can't afford to just throw more hired heads at the problem. Contact centers, sales departments, and support teams need more efficient ways to handle inbound calls and quick impromptu engagements. 


What if you could use information you already know about a customer to populate an inbound call queue with user data that makes it easy to jump into quick engagements? Pull onscreen, geographic, and browser data to identify inbound calls by:

  • Language or region

  • Page titles, categories, or URLs

  • Product, pricing, and SKUs

  • VIP status

See your call abandonment rates plummet past 5% and lower by instantly directing calls to the right person.

Arm sales reps with customer intelligence

Face-to-Face Assistance in Seconds

No one downloads anything. We deploy with a few lines of javascript. Plus, you can customize the launch button to fit your company's brand. Or, just as easily, launch from:

  • A simple hyperlink

  • A QR code

  • Display banners & digital ads

Reduce Customer Effort

Unnecessary effort on the customers’ part creates use friction, driving abandonment rates up and satisfaction scores down. Customers should never need to repeat the same answer twice. By arming your agents with detailed data about the inbound user, you can create smooth customer experiences that make customers think “wow, that was easy!”


63% of US consumers expect companies to already know & address their unique needs as a customer. (Hubspot)

Over 70% of consumers say companies should collaborate on their behalf so they don't have to repeat information. (Zendesk)


Convergent inbound video chat

Inbound video chat that integrated with cobrowsing

Recursive Labs visual engagement tools are built to integrate seamlessly into one suite. You can easily extend no download cobrowsing through Request Live to provide a little extra help to users.

Integrated cobrowsing with video chat

Still have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about cobrowsing, screensharing, mobile camera sharing, video chat, & more. Recursive Labs is an industry leader in Next Generation Visual Customer Engagement & our team has plenty of knowledge to share!

Shoot us a message & we'll send more info!

Recursive Labs is an industry leader in next generation visual customer engagement software in the form of secure no-download cobrowse, screenshare, video chat, & mobile camera CRM software. We help companies connect customers & support teams seamlessly through no-download visual engagement tools that integrate with major CRMs.

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