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Realtime is the first cobrowse and advanced customer collaboration solution built for your enterprise organization. Realtime engagement and cobrowse tools allow agents to see, share, and show with their customers. By guiding customers through a series of complex actions while browsing alongside them making notes, agents are better able to communicate securely. Realtime allows for engagement on a company web page, mobile application, and IoT devices. And with the addition of Reflection, you can engage with customers anywhere on the web.

Security You Can Trust

Realtime by Recursive Labs is to most secure cross platform engagement solution on the market.

Designed for Security and Compliance

With the regulations and restrictions put in place for healthcare and financial services in mind, Realtime was designed to meet the security needs of any industry.

Patented Protection

Patented, image-based screen transfer in combination with object level security & redaction ensures your customer’s data never leaves his or her device.

Get More Personal

Realtime by Recursive Labs has an Option for Voice and Video Chat!

Move Beyond Cobrowse

With Realtime, you can remotely engage with your customers as intimately as you would in a face-to-face encounter. By adding free voice and video chat, you can move beyond cobrowse elegantly.

Seamless Implementation

To leverage a video chat, you simply need to create or use your existing Twilio account. Your account is then integrated into Realtime and activated when you wish to include this capability.

Meet Customers Where They Are

Reach the Customers of Today and Tomorrow

With Realtime by Recursive Labs, you can interact with your customers on any device from anywhere.

Customers of today are unlikely to be browsing the internet on their desktop. In the future, the number of devices connected to the Internet is seemingly limitless. Use Realtime to reach today’s customers.

OmniChannel Interaction

No-download interactions are available for web browsers, mobile phones & tablets, or any Internet-connected device. The addition of Reflection provides the opportunity to engage anywhere on the web. With a one-time download, you can also interact with your customers on their desktop.

Integrate with your Tools

Realtime by Recursive Labs allows you to remove data silos.

Work with Existing Tools

Realtime has an API-first design. With the open API, it is easy to add Realtime and the data collected to your existing business solutions.

Built in Integrations

Recursive Labs has developed partnerships and built integrations for the leading CRM and support tools in the industry, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zendesk.

Guide Your Customers

Realtime by Recursive Labs allows you to remotely walk your customers through any number of complex actions.

Live Customer Collaboration

The growing suite of collaborative software has simplified communication allowing for live, remote, and efficient conversations that mimic traditional in-person interaction. Customer collaboration is no exception.

Document Sharing and Annotation

Share documents and make notes for your customers to help walk them through any process or workflow