Helping to define the "New Normal"

See what your customers are seeing in real time with no-download cobrowsing

Helping to sell, support and service

Often times today, your technology is your new place of business. As we move beyond Covid-19 into whatever the “New Normal” will be, this will be more true than ever before.

Customers go to your website or use your mobile app to interact with your company instead of coming into the office. The problem is, when they need help, your greatest asset, your people aren’t involved, leaving the customer feeling like there is no one there to help.

Recursive Labs allows you to bring your people back into equation. Whether it online or inside your mobile app, our technologies embed right inside your existing applications, allowing your customers to work with your staff quickly, easily and securely. Whether it’s selling, supporting or even onboarding new customers, our no download suite of technologies means real help, is never more than just one click away


Using our Realtime cobrowse, you can see exactly what your customers are seeing in their web browser or mobile app without the need for any downloads or installs. Just click and share. You can even redact any element on the pagedynamically to protect your customers privacy

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Mobile SDK's

Your customer isn’t limited to the

web and neither is your cobrowsing

experience. Embed our SDK’s into

your mobile app for real time screen

sharing and live video chat. Create

a full omni-channel experience

supporting both IOS and Android.

Support all your customers devices

from the same interface


Industry leading cobrowse

One click; No download

Unparalleled security

Supports all modern browsers

Live annotation capability

Built in document sharing


Take communications to the next level

using our Relate audio/video chat

functionality. With just a simple click, you

can speak to and/or see customers

through their browser or from within your

mobile app. No downloads are required.

Using Relate, your trained agents are

always just one click away from serving

your customers live. Relate can run stand

alone or integrated directly with

cobrowsing or mobile screen sharing for a full concierge experience.

No download Voice and Video Chat

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No download video chat

Embed in your site or mobile apps

Fully configurable

Proven ease of use

Stand alone or integrated

Support Web and mobile apps

Integrated with Leading Solution Providers or Stand Alone

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Designed from the ground up to make remote sales, service and support easy, while still respecting the privacy and security needs of your customer. Our Live Visual Customer Engagement Platform provides a full suite of capabilities for the remote visual support needs of even the most security conscious and compliance heavy industries while maintaining unparalleled ease of use.

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