How do we Help?

Sales Enablement

In today's digital landscape, customers require support and assistance wherever they are and on whatever they device they prefer.  Recursive Labs' omnichannel platform facilitates connection with a customer regardless of device.  Quickly enter a Realtime cobrowse session or Relate video chat without any downloads necessary and provide the white glove customer support experience your customers require

File Claims

The Insurance space has changed drastically in the past few years.  Many companies have turned towards innovative technologies to connect with their customers directly in order to meet their needs.  Whether filing a claim through a mobile app, connecting with video to assess damage, or keeping contact throughout the resolution process, Recursive Labs solutions create a seamless and easy means to stay ahead of the curve

Field Service

Fixing issues quickly makes or break the bottom line for many industries.  Being able to visually experience the problem and guide a customer or junior tech to the resolution remotely proves an effective way to save time, and ultimately money.  Recursive Labs developed Relate SMS, a no-download solution that allows you to connect through any mobile device and live stream video.  Pause, annotate, and save images to walk the remote user through the process of solving their problem.

Escalation from Chatbot

Chatbots are an exciting technology that can help customers around the clock to fix relatively simple problems.  Unfortunately, chatbots require a large investment upfront, take a large contribution to be taught, and tend to fall short once the issue is more complex.  Through our open APIs, Recursive Labs platform can plug into a chatbot and be used to escalate an interaction when necessary.  Allow your service reps to do what they do best and hop into the save the support case by escalating to Relate video chat or Realtime cobrowse when the chatbot falls short

Customer Onboarding

Customer On boarding becomes much easier with recursive labs visual engagement tech.

Mobile App Support

Mobile readiness continues to prove essential to keep your customers, employees, and partners happy. Whether integrated into a mobile app, on mobile web, or streaming video to any device with a camera, Recursive Labs help you meet your mobile needs