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3 Ways to Improve User Experiences for Online University Degree Programs

With the shift to remote learning & online degree programs accelerated by the pandemic, it's crucial that universities with online degree programs find faster & simpler ways to assist web users of all skill levels.

This page will show you 3 unique ways that tools like full desktop screenshare & integrated video chat can boost enrollment, cut the abandonment rate of complicated forms & applications, as well as support existing students with embedded video players & digital curriculums.

Cobrowsing & screenshare for online universities

Share & collaborate on the same screen to easily resolve technical issues

When it comes to online education, echnical issues happen. Whether online degree students are struggling with embedded video players, nested iframes, or browser settings that prevent them from completing coursework, your team can resolve the issue faster if they can actually SEE what the user is seeing.

Full desktop screenshare utilizing WebRTC allows your team to provide real-time support anywhere students or faculty need it, without asking them to download anything.


Watch live video together, access browser settings to clear caches, & more; no matter what browser or application environment your team needs to assist with, a simple screenshare solution can give you a live view without extra apps or account sign ups.

Screenshare helps students fill out online forms

This method is fast, simple, secure, & requires little to no training. With full-color annotation tools, the ability to add multiple guests, & a 1-click simple experience, full desktop screenshare results in:

  • Faster issue resolution times

  • More problems on the first call

  • Decreased user friction with digital platforms

Try Full Desktop Screenshare FREE for 30 days. No credit cards required.

Assist Students with Onboarding & Form Filling

Universities & online programs can use visual engagement for more than just tech support. Any complex online task can be simplified with download-free visual engagement. When students are struggling to complete financial aid forms, applications, course enrollment, or other online tasks, sometimes a second set of eyes is needed to steer them to completion.

View-only or collaborate cobrowsing, with built-in video chat options, means that your team can virtually look over the shoulder of a student as they walk through enrollment or admission tasks.

Video chat for online university degree programs

In the screenshot above, you can see a side-by-side view of a user's browser & a live agent view mirrored on the right side of the screen. Picture-in-picture video chat lets your team add a smiling face to every interaction so students feel their issues are being heard & shared with a real person.

By adding a collaborative element to the cobrowsing experience, your team can even join in to fill out forms, fields, & files.


To ensure both parties stay safe, sensitive data like social security numbers or health info can be automatically redacted from the university's view.

Automated redaction of sensitive student data

Read more about 1-click simple cobrowsing solutions to see how you can enroll more customers.

Record user interactions for easy training & compliance

Whether you need to keep records for regulatory compliance or want to use real world scenarios to train your staff, having a recording of online interactions is critical. With the option to record digital engagements that occur over screenshare, cobrowse, or video chat, you'll always have a record.

Record engagement for compliance & training

Plus, to save you on storage costs, we store & host the videos for you!


We'll provide a secure link to MP4 versions of all recorded interactions which can attach to the records of most major CRMs, ticket system, or enrollment platforms.

Recordings are always created from the agent view, meaning any sensitive information or PII you redacted in sessions stays redacted in recordings.

Check out our page on session recording to learn more.

Cobrowsing & Screenshare Overview in 2 Minutes

Still have questions?

We are happy to answer any questions you have about cobrowsing, screensharing, mobile camera sharing, video chat, & more. Recursive Labs is an industry leader in Next Generation Visual Customer Engagement & our team has plenty of knowledge to share!

Shoot us a message & we'll send more info!

Recursive Labs is an industry leader in next generation visual customer engagement software in the form of secure no-download cobrowse, screenshare, video chat, & mobile camera CRM software. We help companies connect customers & support teams seamlessly through no-download visual engagement tools that integrate with major CRMs.

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